Thanks For Stopping By

Thank you for coming back for another visit; or if this is your first time, welcome, welcome, welcome. I just want to touch a little on Autumn and this time of year when people tend to be grateful for what they have more so than other times of the year. I understand, it’s traditional, it’s what you grew up knowing in your household. But sometimes we grow past tradition and develop our own “traditions” for our own families.

If you take a look back at the time since last Thanksgiving, what has happened in your life that was good, bad or the same? Do you feel thankful for what has occurred .. good, bad or the same? Take a look at the lives of someone you may know or take a look at the newspaper – how has other people been affected? Wars, famine, homelessness, starvation … Do you feel more grateful for what you have and where you are?

In reviewing my own life, I can say that some things have certainly changed since last Thanksgiving, some good, some bad and well, some the same. But through all of those occasions, I realize that I am blessed more than others and have no room to complain about anything that “went wrong.” So, I thank God for bringing me through it; I do that daily because there is no guarantee that I will wake up the next. I know that it is His faithfulness to me as a loving God that I am not consumed by worry but my faith strengthened and my hope refreshed daily when I trust in Him.

I encourage you to do the same. Have a wonderful day.

Love ~ Laura

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