Do You Fit The Mold?

Today, I would like to share a few words about being conformed, transformed, shaped, molded into the likeness of our environment, other people, circumstances in our lives. It’s easy to be influenced by hurt … we may become bitter or angry. If we are disappointed or rejected … we may become despondent, angry or vengeful. The world is so full of things and people that will affect our lives in unimaginable ways; we have to dig down into ourselves to deter them from influencing us in negative ways. We have to change our outlook and our attitude toward creating something positive and long-lasting within ourselves and in the lives of those around us …. even  our communities and the world we live in.

Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t do that on our own. Some look towards drugs or alcohol to feel better or seek psychiatric help to cope with the issues of life. I’ve tried … I’ve failed. I’ve tried more than once to no avail. It wasn’t until I realized there was a power greater than myself, synthetic comfort or comfort food or a human shoulder to cry on to get me out the mire that was holding me down. It is the power of the love of God. The one that created me and all of those emotions.

When I came to Him I was like a broken pot … in pieces and not knowing how I was going to put my life back together. My hope seemed dashed, my future seemed bleak, there were so many forks in the road, I did not know which way to turn.

Fortunately, I already had what I needed … in was in me all along. The spirit of the Living God. The Holy Spirit was left with me when I accepted the gift of Salvation from His only begotten Son. I came to my senses, fell on my knees, repented and asked the Lord to help me to turn away from the hurt and anger, the depression, and even the hate I was feeling and to fill me with His love. I knew it was only God that could put me back together. You see, God is the Creator of everything and everyone.

He is the Potter that takes us into His loving hands and molds and shapes until, like a lump of clay, He kneads us, caresses us, forms us into in His image. Psalm 139:14 says “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made …” To mold means to alter, to be formed into a specific shape. We have to be willing to be formed into the image of Christ and made into a messenger of His Gospel. God takes our broken bodies, our broken minds, our broken spirits and broken hearts and re-shapes them, restores them; gives them new life and new meaning, a new outlook and a new future. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you; plans to help you and not hurt you, plans to give you hope and a future.” We no longer have to stay in the valley of nothingness; we can look up to where our help comes from …  “the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” [Psalm 121:2].

When we are restored we are called to service. We are called to love. We are called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the good news that there is life after death. This is when we, the reshaped, beautiful vessels are ready to be filled with the power and authority to go out into all the world. To reclaim what was taken from us when we felt cast down, alone and without hope; we can now reap the harvest that was promised to us … and to tell others how to do the same [Mark 16:15].

Go out there and claim your victory! Call on the Lord now and He will hear you, He will answer you, He will help restore and guide you. Friends, I am not a preacher but I was called by God to tell others about Him and I am led to do so through experience. I can say none of these things on my own but only through Him that lives in me. There is hope … there is a future … there is a way.

Be Encouraged – You Are Loved

~ Laura

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