Be Still in The Storm

We face “storms” in our lives that affect us at home and abroad … illness, unemployment, poor family relationships, wars, famine, homelessness. Sometimes we may be so overwhelmed by it all that we forget how big God is.

It is when we are overwhelmed that we are to call on God, acknowledge His sovereign power to overcome anything we face. As Christians, we know that God is greater than any turmoil or trial we go through. We know that even when times are really rough, God is right there with us through the tossing about and whirling around in the torrents of life. Nahum 1:3b tells us that the LORD has his way in the storm.

There is nothing that happens in our lives that God is not aware of. Sometimes He allows situations to come into our lives, not to disrupt it to destruction, but to challenge it and build us up into stronger FAITH, more solid TRUST, a future built on the HOPE we have in Him … to TRANSFORM us even more into His image. He will not allow us to go under, but holds us up …. He is our life-preserver. When we calm down and rest in Him, He will calm the storm.

I know I have used a lot of analogies in reference to storms today and in light of the destruction and turmoil of Hurricane Sandy, I do not take lightly what those effected by it are going through. I have asked God’s mercy for those families who lost loved ones or lost their homes. I have asked God’s love to embrace and comfort those who are devastated. I have asked the Lord to send workers to aid in this desperate time of need.

Hurricane Sandy reminded me of the many blessings I have and how thankful I am that, even through the darkest times, there is a silver lining, a blessing, a strength and a faith that grows out of it. This morning I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to encourage others that whatever “storm” they are facing, they do not have to be afraid but to hold on, to call on and trust God – He will bring you through.

Most Gracious, Almighty and Sovereign God, it is with a bowed head and humble heart that I come boldly into your presence Lord, believing that you will hear the petitions of your lowly servant and grant that you will answer according to your will. I beseech your Holy Spirit’s to intervention on my behalf that He will transform my request so that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart will be acceptable in your sight. Lord, I ask that you visit the hearts and homes of those affected by recent storms and inundations on the East coast; even other parts of the world Father. I ask that you will be with those who are experiencing all types of torrential trials in their lives. Let your children know that you are with them. Give them the strength to hold to your unchanging hand. Give them peace in their spirits to know that trusting you will get them through anything if they trust and believe. In the matchless Name of Jesus I pray and give thanks in advance, Amen

Be Encouraged – You Are Loved

~ Laura

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