Obstacles To Obedience

Whenever we listen to God and obey what He commands us to do, there is a release of great power from His glory … released in ways that far exceed our greatest imagination … that’s just how he does things :-).

But even knowing that we can experience that power, there are times we can find being obedient difficult. It may seem that what God is asking of us is “unreasonable” or “too hard” and may be afraid of losing out on something important. To be honest with ourselves, we have to know that not choosing to obey can cost us the very thing we desire the most.

Remember the story of Naaman in 2 Kings 5:11-17? He faced obstacles that kept him from following the instructions that God gave him to cure his leprosy. We face those same obstacles as many did in the Bible; for example:

1. PRIDE – Naaman was afraid if he followed God’s instructions he would lose face in the sight of the people; after all, he was a high level official.

Think for a moment: How often have you stopped short of a command or stubbornly refused to move forward because you would look foolish?

2. UNBELIEF – Naaman didn’t understand how his obedience to go wash in the river was going to cure him. He felt a prayer from Elisha to God would be sufficient to cure him.

Ponder this: When we don’t have the faith to believe God when He tells us to do something, we fail to see past what we want to the answer God has that will meet our needs.

3. SELF-CENTERED EXPECTATIONS – Naaman was very angry when his expectations were not met. He questioned that the rivers of Damascus were better than the river in Israel. Essentially, he didn’t want to participate any more than he had to in order to be cured and get what he wanted.

Meditate on this: We get angry at the Lord, too when we feel like He has not answered our petitions and we become reluctant to do what He has instructed … sometimes even knowing that if we do, we can receive the desires of our hearts. But if we really want Him to perfect His will in our lives and answer our prayers, we must “Let Go [be obedient] and Let God”.


Be Encouraged ~ You Are Loved

~ Laura

2 thoughts on “Obstacles To Obedience

  1. I finally just learned to give up. “All we like sheep have turned out own way” and “there are none good, no, not one” and “I can do nothing of myself” and such finally convinced me that if I like it, or if I want it, it must not be from God. If I want to do it, I’ve ignored Ps.23 (“I shall not want”). He made us to lie down, beside STILL waters. Not a stream.
    If He knows what I want and need before I even ask, and will not give a stone when I need bread… why do I ask for anything? He even numbered the hairs on my head, so He knows what I need. He will supply what I need for today, when I need it, and no more. You can’t keep manna too long, or gather more than one day except in preparation for the sabbaoth. I try my best not to be cognizant of my own needs or self, to do things in such a way that people don’t really even know I was there or left. I figure, If I’ve done what I was supposed to , people just go through life finding good things happened but not knowing why, and one day I will simply die. Nobody will even know it. They shouldn’t even know I was here. If I can find a way to disappear before I am forced to speak, that’s good, every time a man speaks it is a lie unless it is speaking one of the commandments from God. Man’s heart is continually evil and I find myself ashamed to be “a man”. I don’t know why I was even born, except to bring glory to God. So I do my best to not even exist as far as other people are concerned; they don’t need my name or anything else. God will watch out for me and until I hear Him as best I can I refuse to do anything. I try to lay quiet enough long enough to just join Him, and avoid the pollution of this world… but He keeps sending me back. Sigh. It hurts.

    • Hello. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to my blog ~ I have missed opportunities to be an encouragement and make a difference in peoples’ lives. Needless to say, the last several months have not been what I would have chosen to go through, but I know that God has been with me, kept me, provided for me, protected me and loved me the whole time, despite my being like the prodigal son. I’m sorry I was not here when you needed someone to “talk” to; I offer no excuses but ask your forgiveness. I can see you’ve quoted a lot of partial scriptures in your message …. it’s good to know the Word of God because that’s how we are instructed on how to live. Yes, we live in a fallen world and there is no way around that except to lean and depend on God. When His Word says I shall not want that simply means there is nothing we can “want” that He won’t provide for His children when it is within His will. When the Word says He makes me to lie down beside still waters, that is the peace that He gives us amid all of the worldly turmoil. I’m by no means a pastor but have learned a lot through study of His Word. Every time Satan puts the thought in your head to just give up, rebuke him right then by prayer, singing a favorite gospel song, saying a one line prayer, called whisper prayers: “Lord Jesus, I need you right now.” “Help me Lord.” Anything, God does not listen to our prayers by scrutinizing how we speak to Him. He listens to our heart. I would like to encourage you today by trusting God. Even when it seems like He is nowhere to be found, He’s there. It’s those times we feel lost or alone, that He waiting for us to turn back to Him…He’s waiting. I know, I’ve been where you were.
      Thank you for encouraging me believe it or not. I’m getting back to what I have been called to do and I would love to hear from you again. Praying for you.

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