Spiritual Maturity

Ephesians 4:13 [CEV] tells us: “This will continue until we are … mature, just as Christ is, and we will be completely like him.”  For me, that means I can stop ‘beating up” on myself when I falter or stumble; I can stop hitting myself “up side the head and chastising myself so harshly when I feel I did not do something “perfectly” in the Spirit. I’m not saying that I won’t repent of those stumbles and side steps but in my repentance not do them again. And with the help of the Holy Spirit – I won’t.

When I was a younger, I would look at the way other Christians would praise and worship Him in church. I would see they were filled with the Holy Spirit and their tears and shouts of hallelujah or dancing were genuine … I wanted to be that way and do that, too. I think, in a way, I thought they were the “perfect” Christian. Don’t get me wrong, even then I knew there is none perfect save Jesus Christ himself. I felt they were closer to God than I was.

As I grew in Christian maturity and in my relationship with the Lord, He helped me to understand that I am right where I am supposed to be with Him … at that time [and now]. That all He wanted from me was to be obedient, trust Him, to give Him my praise and to acknowledge His power and might in my life.

He gave me an earthy, “life-long” teacher to help me along the way: my Mother. I could see so much wisdom and maturity and spirituality in her; she was the epitomy of what a Christian is to be more so than anyone else I knew. She was exemplary in what she taught me and my brothers and sisters. An example I learned from and emulated. She always told me it was not her, it was He who lived in her.

Mom finished her work for the Lord and He called her home in 2008. I miss her a lot – especially when I come across notes she wrote when she taught Sunday School, when she was a participant in Sunday School, from Sunday Sermons and from her own personal Bible Studies.  Even seeing where she wrote in her Bible, gives me a sense that she is still teaching me things. God be praised!

I understand now, that my perfection in spirituality will not come until Jesus’ Second Coming. When I will be like Him; when I will see Him just as He is; when I will sing Holy, Holy, Holy with the Angelic Choir. I realize that there is still growth in every area of my Spiritual life: humility, faith, wisdom, righteousness, being spiritually minded …. and I’m a willing student.

If you ever feel like you are not worthy as I still do sometimes, understand that God is transforming us to be like Him. We ARE worthy because He ordained us, called us, convicted our hearts, saved our souls and now we are a part of His Holy Family. Keep studying God’s Word, surround yourself with other Christians, strive to all that the Holy Spirit directs you to do …. until His purpose in our lives in complete.  And remember, you may stumble or stray even, but because of God’s love for us and our eternal place in His Kingdom, we can repent, be forgiven and get back on the right track: it’s a Growth Process.

Be Encouraged ~ You Are Loved

~ Laura

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